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We focus on promoting our values which have proven to be dynamic and sustainable

We have a strong focus on those who matter

We strive to make relationships with others work by speaking, listening and having a positive approach to people. At Care Force we always consider the needs of others and are open and honest.

Our people approach means my colleagues and I are always looking to use effective communication and interpersonal skills to ensure we are focused on the customer at all times. I promote an open and honest culture, in which there is a strong focus on customer solutions.Joanne, Care Worker

Delivering together

We have a strong collection of team players who can work in many different teams and in conjunction with our customers’ needs. Our care workers prioritise flexibility and always show respect for others.

Working in such a supportive environment has really helped me to develop at both a personal and professional level. Care Force’s focus on continuous learning means everyone is always on the ball and up to date with societal issues and the most appropriate solutions.Jane, Care Worker.

Professional delivery and Innovation

The Care Force team is always looking for ways to bring ideas to life and our care workers actively seek ways to improve our services. Often new ideas are promoted throughout the wider team meaning our customer solutions are consistent and reliable.

My team are constantly looking to implement new ideas. They work closely with our customers to facilitate a customer-led service.
Vicki, Manager

Integrity and accountability

Here at Care Force every is accountable for their actions. We all have a clear understanding of the needs of both internal and external customers and therefore aim to deliver to their expectations.

Our team members constantly inspire each other to understand our customer needs and champion a great customer experience at all levels. Everyone identifies with best practice and ensures compliance with all aspects of person centred care.

Being accountable for the things that we do as well as the things that we do not do really emphasises the importance of delivering a service which gets things right first time. Our customers’ needs are extremely important and we need to be at our best to provide the service which has proven, so far, to be fantastic in providing appropriate solutions.Judy, Live in Carer

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