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Funding your care

Home care is available to many people who need help, so that they are able to remain living at home where they are happiest.

Many adults may be allocated an amount of funding by the County Council to spend on the care they need to meet the requirements which have been identified by a care assessment (performed by the Council). For advice on care assessments, please visit

An amount of funding provided by the council is called a Personal Budget and may be the total amount required to pay for the level of care needed by the individual OR it may be only part of the amount if a mandatory financial assessment (means-test) indicates that the individual is able to contribute towards the cost.  For more information on personal budgets, please go to Personal Budgets and Direct Payments.

If the results of the financial assessment show that a person can afford to pay for their own care in full, they will be asked to pay directly for the care they require. If you or your loved one falls into this category, please visit the Our costs section.

For advice on care funding options and information on the benefits which may be available, we recommend that you speak with a Financial Advisor who has experience in Care Planning, or you can visit or for more information.

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