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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you cover the Kidderminster area?
    Yes, we offer live in care in Kidderminster, as well as Bromsgrove.

  2. What services do you offer in this area?
    Live in Care.

  3. How many Nursing Care staff do you have in this area?
    No nursing staff.

  4. What other capacity do you have?
    Health Care Workers.

  5. Can you indicate the training and accreditation your staff have?
    Diplomas (Level 2 & 3) in Health & Social Care along with mandatory/statutory training and over half of our staff are Dignity Champions.

  6. What experience has your staff of stroke patients?
    Many experienced employees who have worked with individuals who have had a stroke. Strokes are reasonable common in elderly people.

  7. When were you last inspected by the Care Quality Commission and what was the outcome?
    This can be found at:

  8. How many carers would the agency assign to care for my Mother and would she see the same one every day? If not, how does the staff rota operate and what happens if your carer goes on holiday or is sick, will she be notified in advance that a different carer will be attending?
    This depends on the complex needs of your mother. We will consider things such as the days off the care workers have along with annual leave. Continuity of care is a high priority of ours.

  9. How can you contact the agency in an emergency or outside office hours?
    Please use our on-call number.

  10. What is your Emergency procedure?
    Use emergency services and contact NOK (Next Of Kin).

  11. If we are not happy with the service or wish to make a complaint how is this done? What is your complaints procedure and how do you rectify or put things right?
    We have a clear complaints procedure, a copy of which will be supplied to you. 

  12. What are your charges?
    These are variable due to complexity of people’s needs – this will be discussed during the initial assessment and the prices laid out clearly for you.

  13. What is the minimum charging period that you operate on?
    0 days

  14. Do you charge for the travelling time of the carer or just the attendance time?
    Just the attendance time.

  15. If my mother does not get on with your service how can we withdraw the service and what would be the charges etc?
    We require one weeks’ notice, with no charges.

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission